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I hoped that the satin would be thinner and more pliable, like my white eBay corset. I normally buy 24 inch corsets and wear them with no problems. I opted for a size 26 instead. I chose untracked shipping for maximum cheapness. Corset Story ships from overseas, so I was expecting anything from a two-week to two-month wait. I was pleasantly surprised that it arrived in only 8 days! It was packed in a plastic mailer non-padded. The corset was in a crisp plastic bag of its own. Out of the bag, the corset is tied together down the busk with a cord to keep it from opening.

There is also a product card with a short, thick spiral steel bone sample. The Corset Itself: Terrible picture, but you get the idea. This bodice was shaped over a higher-waisted corset, hence the odd fit over my new one, but otherwise, it works nicely. I measure with an inverted triangle body type. This corset design is nicely curvy on my figure.

Never Again Until Now: A Review of Corset Story’s Waist Taming Overbust with Hip Gores

The waistline is lower than some corsets: But the biggest treat was that this corset actually fits my bust! I wear a 34F bra, so finding an OTR overbust with enough room for the girlies without smashing them or causing them to bubble over the top is like finding a rare unicorn. It fits and it is the exact same shape as the pictures portray! I think this corset would fit a C-G cup best. Corset Story advises that the Waist Taming corsets are designed to be worn with a 2 inch gap after an average waist reduction of inches. The gored design is still very flattering and does not pinch, but if you have more than a 7 inch natural hip spring, you will probably find the hips in this style too small.

I am short-waisted 9 inches from underbust to lap and this corset was about my limit lengthwise. I can sit in it, but it does bump into my lap and boost my breast up. I would recommend this to my fellow inverted triangles who have longed for a flattering, comfortable Victorian corset! Waist Reduction: I was able to get about 3. However, the material and bulky boning channels add a lot of thickness back to waist, so my exterior measurement is only 1. I know many people buy corsets to wear under formal and other special occasion gowns.

This is not a short-notice piece of shapewear! If you buy this corset, be prepared to give it plenty of time to break in, much like you would break in a new pair of shoes. That was what I really liked about it: My Waist Taming corset appears to be very durable, but I was really hoping for a softer corset which is why I chose the satin in the first place.

What Katie Did Storm Overbust. You can see in the photo that their version is not as cleanly executed, exhibiting the same bumpiness over the bust that my corset has, though mine is not as wrinkly. WKD is known for their smoothly sculpted black satin corsets that are famously a little stiffer and heavier than other OTR corset brands and have gored hips. I am glad they are seeking to improve their products based on customer feedback.

Excellent shape for ! A good basic corset that could work as an undergarment or as outwear would look especially nice with a gothic ballgown skirt! Material is very thick, the boning is very stiff Steam Ingenious took her corset apart and found the same non-corset steel bones being used in the back channels, but the rest is wide spirals , hips might be too small for some and the bust too large for others.

I want to score this corset 3. This is not a solicited review. I purchased this corset with my own money for my own private use as an undergarment for 19th century costumes, so I am approaching it from that angle. I am not a waist trainer or costuming professional, so this review is based only on my personal knowledge and experience. Your experience may differ and if so, please share in a comment below!

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If you have any questions about this review or any of my other blog posts, please feel free to leave a comment or contact me through the Pragmatic Costumer Facebook page! View all posts by Liz. I purchased this also.

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It does come up a bit too high to be perfectly historical, but overall, it makes a great late Victorian base. I am just so tickled to have found a busty corset in such an unlikely place. So glad it worked for you, too! I once bought a very expensive! If you click the link in the review, you can see the types of bones that were in an older C. Hello I sale and design corset Are you interested, if you are interested, I can send you a piece of my design for free. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Notify me of new comments via email. I picked a cute cherry one that seemed nice enough to my then-untrained eye: Then, tragedy struck: This is apparently a two-layer corset: Both are very stiff and heavy, securely stitched. All the eyelets have been well set with no splits.

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On the interior of the corset, some of the black enamel finish has rubbed off around the laces to reveal the metal underneath. The hips of this corset feature five pairs of smaller eyelets in the same black finish. The back of the corset laces with slightly springy shoelace style laces, though included in my order was also double-sided pink satin ribbon as shown in the product photo. It has a fashion layer of black satin and is lined in cotton twill and features five bones for structure — four spiral and one flat.

The edge is finished in a black cotton binding.

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Trying these three corsets has been a very enlightening experience. Readers — have you ever tried any of these brands?

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What are your thoughts on off-the-rack corsetry? Great article! Thank you for writing it! Also where did you get the top with the suspenders? It is so cute! I have been wearing it daily for a month now so it should be seasoned but it still feels a bit uncomfortable. I wish I would have invested this money in a better corset.

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I was wondering, where did you get both the tights and the top you have on? They are both gorgeous. This is incredibly helpful! If you ever get the chance to review them as well, it would be a fascinating read.

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This is an incredibly helpful post! Do they usually come back in stock over time? The only fabric styles I have tried is the black leather and both styles were way too long on me. Preferrably just plain black cotton or even black mesh. Angelique, your torso length will be of more use than your height as it will allow a direct comparison to the corset measurements. I agree with all the points mentioned above!

Well put! I find I can cinch a full size smaller, and still be more comfortable, in my Mystic City corset. Great reviews! I have the brocade version of the Restyle corset and it sounds like I went for the right one I wanted something cheap and curvy but your review is making me want to buy that Mystic City corset too. I have owned corsets from all three of these manufacturers. My favorite of the three is Restyle. I am so thrilled to recently find them! That is just an added bonus! I own their hourglass underbust in both black cotton and black brocade, size And then with some seasoning, they stretch a little more, especially since there is no waist tape in this style.

I feel they fill it out just enough for the silhouette I am after. The corset is comfortable, the right length for me and is made of beautiful fabrics. I also felt that the construction was beautiful quality for the money! As far as Orchard Corset, they were my previous favorite but are no longer a favorite of mine. The style I prefer from them is the CS short. I own it in black cotton, black satin and black leather. I have had a few bad experiences with the quality of their corsets. I did also notice the glued modesty panel, which I felt was so cheap and unattractive.

I also have noticed that the boning of their corsets is always different lengths in the boning channels and never seem to fill the whole channel. The sewing and construction is poor, uneven and just very messy looking. I even received one corset that had a split in the seam where the back laces were. I have also noticed that one style corset of theirs in the same size never seems to match up to another in the same style and size.

I have pointed out all these issues to them and hope they take them into consideration. I also had a leather corset that was defective. I feel I will never have a quality corset from them. And for Mystic City, their corsets just never fit me right. They are always way too long for me and I find them very uncomfortable. I have sold the two I had. I also noticed an irregularity in one that I purchased from them, but overall I feel they do have very nice quality corsets.

Review: Tightlacing Off-The-Rack Corsets Under $

Thank you for writing such an in depth, articulate an factual review of these OTR corsets. As a corsetiere myself, the stitching details on the OC piece makes my heart hurt: Sylwia, who owns MCC, is particular about quality. Your email address will not be published. Site layout and design by Jason Moore. Enter your email address for a sample chapter of my new book, In Intimate Detail: Please try again. We use this field to detect spam bots. If you fill this in, you will be marked as a spammer. Thank you! Now please check your email to confirm your subscription.

Available Now! Order Your Copy Today! Share this article. Photo by Restyle. Photo by Karolina Laskowska. Restyle Wide Hips Matt underbust hip stitch detail. Photo by Orchard Corset. Orcard Corset CS stitch detail. Orchard Corset CS centre front binding detail. Orchard Corset CS interior binding. Orchard Corset CS modesty panel detail. Photo by Mystic City. Mystic City MCC interior detail. Mystic City MCC busk and fabric detail.

Corsetry on a Budget: Article Tags: Karolina Lingerie designer.

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Corset deals reviews

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