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The garage has a vehicle height restriction of 6-feet, 8 inches. Reach the Triangle Garage at The Surgery Pavilion Garage is primarily for surgery patients and their visitors. Access the lot from N. Disability parking is located on all three parking levels, although Level P1 has limited availability for oversized vehicles.

Garage hours are 6 a. Monday through Friday and closed on weekends. Pay the attendant as you leave. After-hours parking is not available in the Surgery Pavilion Garage. Reach the garage at Valet service is available for medical center patients and visitors. The valet staff members are located in front of the medical center by the main entrance. Valet parking service has the same fees as garage parking. Valet parking can accommodate patients with disability or mobility parking needs. Reach the valet service at UW Medical Center parking lots are available to patients and visitors. UW Medical Center's main entrance and its parking facilities enable easy access for all visitors.

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Kidney care nephrology Liver transplant and evaluation Transplant surgery Urology. Gastroenterology Liver care hepatology Liver transplant and evaluation. Kidney care nephrology Kidney transplant. Kidney care nephrology Liver transplant and evaluation Transplant surgery. Transplant surgery. General cardiology.

Kidney care nephrology Primary care - internal medicine. Critical care medicine Pulmonary and respiratory disease care. Kidney care nephrology Transplant surgery. Infectious diseases Kidney care nephrology. General surgery Transplant surgery. General surgery Thoracic surgery Transplant surgery. General surgery International medicine Liver transplant and evaluation Pathology Transplant surgery General surgery Kidney transplant Liver transplant and evaluation Transplant surgery. Clinic Hours: Clinic Hours. Monday 8: Driving Directions. Make an Appointment. Clinic Overview.

Urgent Care Get in line. Services Clinic Services Header. Services offered at this clinic include:. Content Blocks. Patient Resources. Just include your account number with the payment. Your payment can purchase whole or partial units. The easiest way to start a Custom Monthly Plan is to complete a new enrollment during an open enrollment period. If you want to consolidate all of your units to one account later on, you can use the Transfer Request form to move units from one account to another. Please refer to the Payment Calculator for monthly payment options.

Your Custom Monthly Plan will be based on the rates of the current enrollment year and will include a fixed 7. The current Account Owner will designate a new Account Owner by returning the completed form with a notarized signature. Yes, anyone can contribute to your GET account. Buying units is a great gift idea for grandparents, other family members, and friends. You can name "giftors" who can contribute money to your account. It's easy to add someone to your account as a giftor by completing the Giftor Authorization form. You can complete this form by logging in to your GET account or by downloading the paper form from our Forms page.

We'll send your giftor a coupon book. All gift payments to your account belong to you, the account owner. If you have a Custom Monthly Plan, we'll apply all contributions to your Custom Monthly account unless your giftor specifies that the money should be used to buy Lump Sum units. Yes, saving with GET is an excellent foundation for your children's or grandchildren's future college expenses because it's guaranteed.

Remember that with GET, you can purchase a maximum of units per student. Many families who fully fund a GET account for their child will continue to save in other ways to help with additional college expenses. Contributing to more than one type of plan is an excellent way to ensure more college expenses will be covered. Washington plans to open a new college savings plan, called the DreamAhead College Investment Plan in early , which works differently than GET, as investments are subject to stock market performance.

Most other states also offer college savings plans , and allow you to enroll even if you are not a resident of that state. We also encourage you to consult your tax advisor because these transactions may be taxable. Acceptable Rollover Documentation Sample 1. Acceptable Rollover Documentation Sample 2. The custodian has a legal obligation to use the funds solely for the benefit of the minor.

To maintain the proper ownership of these funds, a GET account must name the minor as both the account owner and the student beneficiary. You'll need to name a custodian or trustee to manage the account on the minor's behalf by using the Custodian Authorization form.

Please consult your tax advisor because this transaction may be taxable. Finally, we recommend that you open a second GET account for additional contributions. You'll own the funds in this second account. If you made contributions to your account but did not make any withdrawals, you generally don't need to report anything on your federal income tax return. Your contributions are non-deductible. Please review IRS Publication or consult a tax advisor for details. When purchasing additional units, make sure you have enough time before you plan to use them.

Units must be held two years and may need several years before the unit payout value exceeds the unit purchase price. We will need to receive the form at least a week prior to the regularly scheduled withdrawal to ensure enough time for processing. In the spring before your student will begin college, we'll provide you with information about how to use your units. You, as the account owner, must initiate all distributions from your account.

When it's time for college, you'll need to choose your payment option. You must hold Lump Sum and Custom Monthly units for at least two calendar years before you can use them. In addition, your Custom Monthly contract must be paid in full. When you buy a GET unit, you pay more than the current payout value, meaning it may take several years for your account to exceed the price you paid.

However, the State does not guarantee that you will make money. If in-state tuition decreases in the future, GET units may lose value. The academic year runs from August 1 - July We determine this value, known as the unit "payout value," at the beginning of each academic year when the state public universities set their own tuition rates. Let's say that your student plans to attend The Evergreen State College and you have eligible units. Total tuition and fees for one academic year at Evergreen equal about 75 units.

Consequently, after paying tuition and fees, you will have about 25 remaining GET units. You can use these units for books, housing and other qualified higher education expenses or wait and use them the following year. Let's say that your student will attend the University of Idaho as a non-resident and you would have GET units to help cover the costs. You can use this amount to help offset your student's total costs. You and your student will be responsible for covering any remaining costs.

Because the state guarantees that the money you put into GET will keep pace with rising tuition, we must ensure that we always have sufficient funds available. Yes, you can use your GET units if your student attends school part-time. The value of your GET units will still be based on the resident undergraduate tuition and state-mandated fees at the most expensive public university in Washington.

You can use your units at nearly any college, university or technical school - public or private - in the United States and selected colleges in other countries. In fact, GET has already helped students attend school in all 50 states and 15 foreign countries. To view a list of eligible schools or to verify a federal school code, visit the US. If your student attends a private or out-of-state college, you'll have to pay the difference between the value of your GET units and the college's tuition.

In addition, enrollment in the GET Program does not guarantee that your student will pay in-state resident tuition or be admitted to any school. If tuition for graduate school is higher than resident undergraduate tuition at the most expensive Washington public university, you'll pay the difference.

You can use your GET account to pay for books and other eligible out-of-pocket expenses that are required for Running Start courses. However, in some situations, such as when a student takes more class credits than are subsidized typically more than 15 credits per term , you may have some out-of-pocket tuition expenses that could be reimbursable.


GET units are designed to pay college tuition. However, if you have eligible units after paying tuition, you can use them to pay for room and board, books and other qualified higher education expenses. Review IRS Publication for details. You can use up to eligible units per academic year and any unused units from a previous year. If you use your units for room and board, you can pay up to the total room and board allowance calculated by the college in its Cost of Attendance budget. Check with your child's college's financial aid office to determine its room and board allowance.

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They include operating, building, and services and activities fees. They do not include fees imposed by an individual school. These school-required fees may include technology fees, library fees, recreation fees, fees to secure repayment of bonded indebtedness or other types of fees. These fees are not considered state-mandated fees and, therefore, are not included when determining the GET unit payout value.

However, you can use your units to pay these additional fees if you have extra units available after paying tuition and state-mandated fees. If a non-parent e. You should consult your financial advisor or the financial aid office at your school to understand specifics related to your individual situation. If both students have a GET account, you may simply transfer the units by completing a Transfer Request form. Note that a student may have multiple accounts but may have a total of no more than units between all accounts in his or her name. Some of the large Washington public colleges ask us to batch payments for each term, which allows them to receive one payment for all students.

The colleges often post the GET funds to the student's account and then request payment from GET, typically after the deadline has passed. To see if this applies to you, log in to your account to verify that your online Direct Payment Request is in "approved" status and that the information you submitted, including the payment term and date, is correct.

If you have additional questions, please call us. You can use GET directly to cover qualified higher education expenses tuition, room and board, etc. Also, if tuition or other qualified higher education expenses for a study-abroad program will be paid directly to your university for which GET is already approved , you can use GET as you normally would to cover them.

The payment must go to an eligible institution of higher education. GET is unable to pay study abroad programs directly, or reimburse out-of-pocket expenses paid directly to these programs. Also, please note that travel to and from your destination is not considered a qualified higher education expense. Differential tuition has not yet been fully defined by universities, nor has it yet been implemented.

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Your GET account can be used to pay these qualified higher education costs. However, the payout value for GET units, which is established at the beginning of each academic year, is based on tuition and state-mandated fees that are charged to all students at Washington's highest-priced public university. By definition in the GET Master Agreement, "State-mandated fees are those provided by statute, including operating, building and student activity fees.

Yes, GET units do expire. Students have up to 10 years after their selected benefit use year to begin using the units their GET accounts. Once students begin using their units, they have an additional 10 years to finish using their units.


If it appears that a student will not be able to use some or all of their units, there are options, including transferring the unused units to another family member, or requesting a refund. Be aware that refunds that are not used to pay for qualified higher education expenses are considered non-qualified withdrawals and any earnings may be subject to federal income tax and state and federal penalties.

Please note that GET is specifically designed to save for qualified higher education expenses at postsecondary schools. Please consult a tax advisor.

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The good news is, no, if you wish to keep all of your units in the GET program, you do not have to do anything further at this point. No, the GET Program is not closing. In fact, new legislation passed during the Legislative Session calls for GET to reopen later this year. Please note that GET is not currently accepting new enrollments or new unit purchases until it officially reopens in Customers with Custom Monthly plans may continue to make their regular payments. This new plan expands the range of college savings options for Washington families.

These automatic refunds came in the form of a check to the GET Account Owner, sent to the mailing address that we have on file for the account. Here is an overview of how these accounts were adjusted:. The refund amount per unit is listed below, which is directly correlated to the original amortization amount paid per unit:. They did not receive a separate amortization refund check later on. GET issued all amortization refunds by the end of February If you believe that you are entitled to an amortization refund, and did not receive a check from GET, please call our Contact Center at 1.

If you paid more than the current payout value of your account, you can request a full refund of your contributions. If you request to refund your Custom Monthly Plan that is paid in full, we will determine if you paid more or less than the current payout value, after factoring in the monthly financing charges. If you paid more than the current unit payout value you will receive back your contributions.

If you paid less, you will receive the current unit payout value. Keep in mind that if you make a distribution from your account to pay for school after August 1, the day the rebasing occurred , all future refunds and distributions would be at the payout value, and you will no longer be able to request a contribution refund for your account.

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For Custom Monthly accounts that are not yet paid in full, we first convert the account to a Lump Sum plan before processing the refund. This means that each monthly payment you have made will apply towards the purchase of Lump Sum units at the unit price that was in effect when each monthly payment was made. If you wish to refund your Custom Monthly Plan, and it is not yet paid in full, we first recommend that you call our Contact Center at 1.

They can put your account on hold so you will not receive late payment charges while your refund is being processed. This answer depends on your situation. If you have made money in your GET account, and request a refund, you will be issued a Q tax form the following January that shows the earnings and principal portions of your withdrawal. It is our understanding that you will not be subject to these penalties if you rollover your funds into another qualified plan within 60 days of the date that your refund is processed. Note that, per IRS regulations, plan rollovers can only be performed once every 12 months.

If your refund is for contributions only, and does not include any gains, you will not receive a Q tax form and should not need to report your refund to the IRS. Please note, this means all amortization refunds will not receive a Q form. You can initiate a direct rollover of your GET funds to another plan only if you are fully refunding your account. You can also perform an indirect rollover by requesting a refund and re-depositing your funds into a qualified plan within 60 days.

It is our understanding, per IRS Publication , that by doing this you will avoid tax consequences. Here is a link to Publication , which describes these rollover considerations see p. Once your refund is processed, you can download a principal and earnings statement from your online GET account. Open an account Sign in. Search form Search. Top Ten FAQs 1. Can GET be used at private colleges or out-of-state universities? What if my child gets a scholarship?

How will a GET account affect my financial aid? What if my student chooses not to go to college? How do I know it's safe? I use this regularly. The app doesn't work at all with the new version of iOS. It worked up until a few months ago, then it just stopped loading coupons wheel of death never ended. I deleted and reloaded the app, now it won't even let me change my school. Considering it's been 3.

App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Screenshots iPhone iPad. Completely new user interface, deals near me and more. Compatibility with iOS Improves screen formatting for iPhone 5.

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