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Catch live music outside -- almost anywhere

Yes, really! Locals know to hit it up as far away from the breakfast rush as possible -- and to bring cash when they go. You won't regret it. You won't be alone.


All of us locals will be doing the exact same thing you are. That means amazing new restaurants opening every month, catering to all manner of cuisines, budgets, or proclivities. We've rounded up the best restaurants in town to help you out, including a regularly updated list of best new openings.

Twist your arm, I know And unlike Abita Brewery it doesn't take a drive out of town to get there. And for more options for courtyards, booze, and places to have fun in town, check out our list of the best bars in NOLA.

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This includes both a solid slate of local talent and nationally-famous comics who come here to test out new material. With huge pockets of immigrants and their descendants both in New Orleans East and on the West Bank across the river , there are Vietnamese restaurants a-plenty offering pho, banh mi, and all other manner of traditional delights. Why would you not eat some at every possible opportunity? And kind of gross. And not really fun. New Orleans dive bars , though? And yes, OK, sometimes kind of gross.

List of New Orleans Birthday Freebies

Happy hour is also a perfectly reasonable time to go. Don't expect to spend too much money, but do expect to have lots of fun and drinks aplenty. COOLinary is a month-long menu discount promotion that runs in August -- like our own Restaurant Week in September, or those that guests might be familiar with in New York, Chicago, and elsewhere.

Lunch is served buffet-style and always includes red beans and rice, sausage, and plenty of decadent Creole delicacies. A note: The social nuances behind devouring a ton of crawfish together are as key to the experience as the food itself. It also happens to be one of the best places to get turtle soup -- one of the NOLA's most quintessential must-try foods.

So Much of What Makes New Orleans Charming is Free

Jackson Square has a grassy area surrounded by gates where kids can run in the grass and parents can sit on a bench enjoying a view of one of the most famous scenes in the United States. French Market: Kids love walking through the open-air French Market, America's oldest city market, where cheap souvenirs and some fascinating handmade items are sold. The glittery masks and crazy hats are fun to try on. Banks of the Mississippi: The area near the Aquarium of the Americas is also the boarding spot for a few riverboats.

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The walk ends at the Riverwalk, a shopping center and a good place to sit outside by the river for an inexpensive lunch. Mardi Gras: This is the ultimate free event in New Orleans. Mardi Gras can be a fun family event, as long as you stay in the family areas near St.

Charles Street. Parades in Louisiana are like no other, with more than just candy being thrown. Be sure to bring a few bags with you to take home your "throws. Planning for a Halloween getaway? Here are some money-savers for you.

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Don on those scary costumes and head to these impressive Halloween attra Why do kids love New Orleans? Because it is a city unlike anywhere else. Stop by and treat the kids to some adventures in spandex.

new orleans freebies New orleans freebies
new orleans freebies New orleans freebies
new orleans freebies New orleans freebies
new orleans freebies New orleans freebies
new orleans freebies New orleans freebies
new orleans freebies New orleans freebies

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