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Any Ticket holder unable to present valid identification indicating that they are at least 21 years of age will not be admitted to this event, and will not be eligible for a refund. Steeped in History: Bunch and Glickman will together examine the opportunities and challenges their two institutions face as they seek to document and exhibit the epic journeys of two crucial American minority communities.

In a conversation moderated by philanthropist David Rubenstein, they will consider the curatorial, political, and financial complexities involved in communicating a people's story and culture in a brick-and-mortar museum. Reception and New York at Its Core exhibition viewing to follow. Made possible by The David Berg Foundation, this series of talks features prominent New York scholars, policymakers, artists, business leaders, and observers, and explores key ideas and forces that have created the New York we know today, and which are shaping the city of tomorrow.

About the Speakers: Lonnie G. Michael S. Prior to joining the Museum, Glickman served as a vice president at Long Island University and led the Center for Jewish History, the world's largest, most significant repository of modern Jewish history, for almost a decade. David M. Rubenstein is a co-founder and co-executive chairman of The Carlyle Group. Rubenstein serves on the boards of many cultural and educational institutions, including as the chairman of the Boards of Trustees of the John F. In Namibia, she spent time with a tribe surviving in the Kalahari Desert despite seven years of drought.

But after a career covering all of the weird and wonderful facets of humanity in more than countries, she has turned her creative energies toward supporting programs that empower women and children in developing world. Started in by John Forslund, Bound for Broadway was created as a way for up and coming singers who wanted an outlet to perform for an audience in an intimate cabaret setting. In Beauty it is Finished Drawings - Gagosian Through April 25, - New York Gagosian is pleased to present the first career-spanning exhibition of drawings and works on paper by Cy Twombly, organized in association with the Cy Twombly Foundation.

Throughout his career, Twombly sustained an active engagement with drawing, gesture, and making marks on paper. His urgent, meandering lines embody the intimate energies that carry over into his paintings, sculptures, and photography. At once economical and deeply sensual, they contain a timeless language, mediating between ancient and modern culture. Avoiding Sentence Errors: Special needs participants will be partnered with teen volunteers to assist with full integration into the class, Must be registered on the webiste.

Special needs parents please register under families. Volunteers register under Volunteers. Talking Heads Tribute in Cuba! A Tribute to Talking Heads. This is a very special trip. To the best of our knowledge no band has ever done this before. It took some serious effort to make this happen and that means there are limited spots available. We literally have only 50 seats we can offer. We all know that music is the universal language that connects us, and while under unique circumstances the Arts including Cuban music have thrived.

This is our chance to be a part of a larger conversation and at the same time give back. SMS will be using a portion of this experience to share with our Cuban brothers and sisters the gift of giving back. We will be bringing drum sticks, guitar strings, colored pencils, pens, and other items that the people and the musicians of the US might take for granted. These items are in very short supply in Cuba and will help make the creation of art and music easier for the Cuban people. We are encouraging you, our guests on this trip, to do the same. Trip Dates: In she placed 5th in the seventh season of Idols, the Finnish installment of the Idol franchise.

Beginners welcome! Wear comfortable clothes. Bring a mat or use ours. John Jay College Library Workshop: Writing the Lit Paper: In Christian tradition, that mission refers to our power to help others see themselves as God does, as worthy of reverence and love. Year after year, our students emerge from the program with life-long friendships, increased self-confidence, and improved academic achievement — all from a shared love of music. In honor of this significant milestone, please join us at our 10th Anniversary Benefit Concert as we celebrate the talents of young classical musicians.

The evening, which includes VIP cocktails and dinner, will bring together acclaimed musicians, along with our students, supporters, and music enthusiasts from around the City for an evening in celebration of the vital role music plays in shaping our communities and our lives. If you would like more information please email us at Gala HarmonyProgram. Seuss's birthday all day with events inspired by Dr. There will be stories, games, coloring and crafts!

And no, going to a Gwar show with a white t-shirt on doesn't count. When Bit Brigade takes the stage your mind will frantically oscillate between "Oh! Please don't die!! He's doing it!! From thrashing about to live renditions of your favorite stage themes, fingers yearning to the sky in a rock 'n roll parody of sea anemones seeming to silently plead, "Please, feed us more fretboard pyrotechnics! No matter the outcome, Bit Brigade must play on until the deed is done - which it always is - on the first and last try.

Once Noah's NES buzzes on, there's no turning back.

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Jersey Boys - New World Stages -Stage One April 25, - New York Jersey Boys is a musical biography of the Four Seasons—the rise, the tough times and personal clashes, and the ultimate triumph of a group of friends whose music became symbolic of a generation. Far from a mere tribute concert though it does include numbers from the popular Four Seasons songbook , Jersey Boys gets to the heart of the relationships at the center of the group—with a special focus on frontman Frankie Valli, the small kid with the big falsetto.

In addition to following the quartet's coming of age as performers, the core of the show is how an allegiance to a code of honor learned in the streets of their native New Jersey got them through a multitude of challenges: Jersey Boys is a glimpse at the people behind a sound that has managed to endure for over four decades in the hearts of the public. In , Children of a Lesser God premiered on Broadway and asked: Joshua Jackson is a revelation in a tour de force role, and Lauren Ridloff is sensational.

As their relationship heats up, so does their desire to connect — igniting a thrilling exploration of passion, intimacy, and what we surrender when we fall in love. Book Talk: See the stars of tommorow , today. These are the best comedians from New York City with special guests from all across the country. This semester, we will be learning a new style of Tai Chi called Wu-style. Beginning in the fifth century BC, images of Medusa underwent a gradual transformation from grotesque to beautiful, as she became increasingly anthropomorphic and feminine.

A similar shift in representations of other mythical female semi-human beings such as sphinxes, sirens, and the sea monster Scylla occurred at the same time. Believed to have apotropaic powers these hybrid creatures were employed on sepulchral monuments, sacred architecture, military gear, drinking vessels, and the luxury arts. Evolving over time in form and meaning, they continue to resonate today.

The iconographic makeover of these inherently terrifying figures of death and the Underworld was a result of the idealizing humanism of Greek art of the Classical period ca. Classical Greek artists humanized and beautified the most repugnant of all, Medusa. Much like Medusa's gaze, the power of their art is transformative and enduring. The connection of beauty with horror, embodied above all in the figure of Medusa, outlived antiquity and has continued to fascinate and inspire artists through the centuries. Medusa became the archetypal "femme fatale," a conflation of femininity, erotic desire, violence, and death.

Along with the beautiful Scylla she foreshadows the conceit of the seductive but threatening female that emerges in the late nineteenth century in reaction to women's empowerment. Like Life: Sculpture, Color and the Body now , the exhibition that opens at Met Breuer on March 20, explores the challenges to critical thinking posed by excessive realism. For art to be understood as the economic preserve of a social and cultural elite, it need to be difficult, expressed in languages that needed to be explained and learnt.

The art of the Catholic church, the dining table, or the wax museum was too accessible to be considered serious. Commentators from Vincenzo Borghini to Hal Foster have hurled critical brickbats at these colored, convincing images of ourselves, in a way that illuminates a suspicion of the popular that is still endemic today. Bard Graduate Center's History of Design and Decorative Arts is a five-week program for adults of all ages, backgrounds, and experience taught by our world renowned faculty.

Participants will learn about Chinese decorative arts from to , Islamic decorative arts of the classical period and beyond European Renaissance and Early Modern decorative arts, 19th and 20th century modern design in the United States and Europe. Hosted by Max Halpert every Wednesday at 11pm. Aspiring musicians, singers, dancers, comedians, rappers and spoken word artists try their best to please the audiences that can make them an Apollo legend. Get ready to cheer or jeer as you decide who stays and who gets booted off stage. At Amateur Night, you tell the performers to be good or be gone!

Amateur Night at the Apollo is hosted by the comedian Capone. Each show begins with a festive pre-party featuring video and music by DJ Jess. And keep a lookout for C. Lacey, the resident Executioner who sweeps bad talent off the stage. Fans may also recognize him as the drummer in the Oscar award-winning film Birdman. Postcards From Everywhere: Smith's mother and father. And his drumming is a marvel unto itself. Humid and broad of palette, it has the rare ability to dial up the complexity and the sensitivity at the same time. With a focus on project-based learning, students will learn coding concepts and build programs and games that will both spark their creativity and develop their technological abilities.

Gentle Hatha Yoga and Relaxation - University at Buffalo April 25, - New York This class focuses on stretching and strengthening all major muscle groups and joints followed by a guided relaxation and short sitting meditation. No experience is necessary. Dress comfortably; bring a yoga mat if you have one not required. Please note though that registration does not guarantee a spot in the room -- space is limited so come to class early; first-come, first-served. To make a tax-deductible contribution to The Drawing Center, please click here. Please join us and enjoy up to 20 different singers from all ages and all levels.

Come and be entertained while cheering on and encouraging these talented singers! Modern Dance Open Level - 92Y April 25, - Upper East Side Explore the body's relationship to breath, weight and space through standing and floor work and traveling combinations.

Develop strength and movement flexibility. Move through space with longer, more complex combinations. Limited seating. Nick Cage won't have to look far to find this National Treasure. Three of the town's top singer-songwriters. Hailing from Texas, Alabama, and Georgia respectively, bewitching audiences with sumptuous harmonies and unforgettable songwriting. Friends now for a decade, they first met at the legendary Kerrville Folk Festival, each winners of the annual "New Folk" award. Luscious harmony singers, effortless instrumentalists, seasoned touring artists — they recognized what each can accomplish individually could be made all the stronger by collaboration.

Now, at work on their first recordings, the spark has been set, the fire lit. A video of "Fast Car" garners twenty-thousand views on Facebook within days of posting. A Spring tour filling fast. Summer festivals being booked. The songs are powerful and spare. The stage presence confident and assured. Get ready to be swept away; these Sirens are proving irresistible. A naturally born entertainer, she first hit the stage in Tampa, FL with a song and dance ensemble called "Entertainment Revue. At her first public performance, she was having so much fun engaging with the audience and bringing joy to people the young performer had to literally be pulled off the stage by other members of the performance group.

Truly, some things never change! Baseball - LIU Post vs. April 25, - Queens Looking for a late night open mic on a Wednesday? Why Red-Eyed Tree Frog? They're nocturnal, just like this open mic. Host Matt Fishman loves a good n' free open mic. Performers get 4 minutes of stage time, but Matt sometimes feels generous.

He is a kind lord. Come on out! We'd love to hear your stuff. Softball - LIU Post vs. D April 25, - Queens Want to confess? If not, how about hearing others do it?

On a stage. Join some of New York's best performers and storytellers for a comedy show about how belief runs deep in everyone's lives. Religion guides some on how to live, who to marry, afterlife planning, and decides whether or not you can be president. So let's all get together to see some good folks divulge personal anecdotes about the impact of religion on their lives. This show is not aimed at converting, convincing, or destroying, just relating. Whether it's positive, negative, or somewhere in between purgatory? Baseball - LIU Brooklyn vs.

Dirty Circus: The finest, fittest and most ferocious performers, curated to perfection and presented on our stage for your enjoyment. Hosted by the one and only Kae Burke!

Told in 3 acts, not for the faint of heart. Shows like Dirty Circus are our Heart and Soul. They allow us to showcase the best talent in the entire city, and bring it to you at a fraction of the cost. Because we love you. Directed by Masahiro Shinoda. Screenplay by Taeko Tomioka. In Japanese; English subtitles. Shinoda's late-period drama of adulterous lovers, based on an 18th-century play by Monzaemon Chikamatsu Double Suicide , uses the exquisitely restrained ritual of the tea ceremony to evoke the fragile social order of the Tokugawa shogunate, pent up with violent and sexual frustration. Visit the Center for Student Accessibility to learn how the Center functions and discover what services and accommodations are available.

Center for Student Accessibility will provide a demonstration of assistive technology, ensuring equal access to academic programming and supporting student success at CSI. Light refreshments will be served. Csa open house'I want to stay and teach in the u. Learning from the experiences of international teacher candidates in early childhood education - College of Staten Island - Williamson Theatre April 25, - Staten Island Prof. Ting Yuan from the School of Education will share her research study on the learning-to-teach journeys of a group of international teacher candidates in their early childhood teacher education programs.

There has been a surge of international teacher candidates who plan to stay and teach in the United States. The changing teacher profiles in the United States also suggest that international teacher candidates have become a new teaching force, representing racially and linguistically diverse teachers in this country. If you wish to present, please contact Winnie Brophy at Thalia Book Club: Look Alive Out There is a hilarious and poignant essay collection, full of the trademark hilarity, wit, and charm readers will recognize from Crosley's novel The Clasp and bestselling collection I Was Told There'd Be Cake.

At the Thalia Book Club, readers and writers meet for intimate conversations about compelling new books and favorite classics in fiction, essay, biography and more. Evenings include an actor performing an excerpt, an interview, and a conversation with the audience. Book sales will be provided by Symphony Space. There will be a book signing following the event. Rian Keating: We highly recommend that you attend this session if you are experiencing academic difficulties. Bloomberg I covers navigation within the Bloomberg system and focuses on equity markets and researching public companies.

We will be boarding and departing at the times listed on your ticket and are not able to allow refunds if you miss the boat. So don't be late - it sure ain't pretty to be standin on the dock, watching the party sailing away! There are cash bars on board so make sure to swing by the ATM on your way to the boat. There will be food available for purchase. All cruises are 3 hours unless otherwise noted. If you have any questions about the show or your purchase, please contact Sancho Dominguez at sancho rocksoff.

Sean Raspet Exhibition Opening - Hunter College April 25, - New York Sean Raspet once worked as a flavorist in the food industry, and he'll tell you that artificial flavoring revolves around three key flavor profiles: He'll also point out that vanilla isn't a flavor, but rather a bean the taste is bitter. When we say "vanilla," we're really thinking about other vanilla food products. And if you want to get technical about it, the flavor of those food products—something we pick up through scent—is actually a phenolic aldehyde Rpm - University at Buffalo April 25, - New York RPM classes are offered by Recreation as part of their Group Fitness programming.

John Zorn Presents: Uzupis - National Sawdust April 25, - Brooklyn John Zorn's The Stone Commissioning Series celebrates Zorn's revolutionary venue, The Stone, a non-profit venue that was "dedicated to the experimental and avant-garde," and served as a vital spot for new-music in Manhattan's Alphabet City for over a decade. Held on the last Wednesday of every month, National Sawdust honors the spirit of the Stone, hosting the world premiere of new works. An eclectic, shimmering trio of 2 vibraphones and electric drums, Uzupis will create a spectacular experience using with the help of Wollesonics, newly created instruments by Wollesen.

To add to the fun, Uzupis will be joined by two music wunderkinds: Dave Harrington on live electronics and Laima Griciute on vocals. The company will perform a diverse repertoire choreographed by Carole Alexis to the music of artists such as Mario Canonge and Maurice Ravel. Think there's no such thing as a stupid question? Just you wait. He is the author of Pan-Africanism in Ghana: Intramural Floor Hockey - University at Buffalo April 25, - New York Intramural Sports offers a wide variety of activities for our students, faculty, staff, alumni and the community.

We cater to the needs of the competitive spirit in our patrons by providing safe and structured sports leagues. While we do keep track of wins and losses and declare a champion at the end of it all, it is important to keep in mind that the most important aspect we offer is fun! A weekly open jam where master improvisers from the PIT's Super Free Monday and Wednesday shows, students taking PIT classes, and YOU the public, the curious, at any or no skill levels come together to perform scenes, play, polish skills, watch the fun and have a great ol' time.

And it's FREE! Hosted by Gregory Levine. Light refreshments will be available throughout the evening. All Is Forgiven: April 25, - Queens Want to confess? Piper Weiss: In the aftermath, authorities discovered that this well-known-figure among the Upper East Side tennis crowd was actually a frightening child predator, who had built a secret torture chamber—a "Cabin of Horrors"—in his secluded rental in the Adirondacks. Twenty years later, Weiss examines the event as both a teenage eyewitness and a dispassionate investigative reporter, hoping to understand and exorcise the childhood memories that haunt her to this day.

Combining research, interviews, and personal records, You All Grow Up and Leave Me explores the psychological manipulation of child predators—their ability to charm their way into seemingly protected worlds—and the far-reaching effects their actions have on those who trust them most. Hosted by Jive Poetic! Line forms outside a half hour before doors open. Doors open at 9: Select from Spanish, French, or Mandarin. Participate in discussions, handling sessions, art making, and other interactive and multisensory activities in the galleries and classrooms.

For individuals living with dementia, together with their family members or care partners. Free; reservations are required. Contact or access metmuseum. Sponsored by Bugaboo. Laughs, looks and pop - get ready for it all. Music by Henry Koperski. Time Travel Tour Thematic Tour - Rubin Museum of Art April 25, - New York Travel in time as you explore artworks from the past, transmissions to the future, and contemporary art that invites of-the-moment thinking about the nature of time.

In these tours on select Wednesday evenings, experience our newest exhibitions and consider how Himalayan traditions have inspired these contemporary artists and sparked new ways of contemplating the future and the experience of time. This week Tsekyi D. Tsultrim and Tenzin Choeni are invited to forge a connection between their music and the art in the galleries. Masayo Ishigure began playing the koto and jiuta shamisen at the age of five in Gifu, Japan, and has built a multifaceted career that continues to stretch the limits of the koto while maintaining a strong grasp on tradition.

Her solo album, Grace, was released in Axinn Library, Ninth Floor, South Campus April 25, - Hempstead Experimenting with a commercial printing press for fine art printmaking was pushing the boundaries in the later part of the 20th century, as seen in the exhibition Portfolios II: Offset Lithographic Prints.

Newer technologies such as 3-D printing are now transforming how artists approach their work. When calamity strikes the Loose Caboose diner, the Hell's Kitchenettes band together to save the joint and put on a hell of a show at the same time! Based on an original concept from LaMasa, Mills, and Darius Rose Cox , this hilarious musical comedy features songs from the Andrews Sisters, and new harmonic takes on musical theater and hit pop tunes.

It is probably unlike any drag show you've seen before! Bad Apple Boylesque expertly weaves singing, acting, dancing, acrobatics, and comedy into titillating stripteases. History of May Day - The Workmen's Circle April 25, - New York Recognized around the world, May Day is a celebration of laborers and the working classes that is promoted by the international labor movement every year on May 1.

Blandings Builds His Dream House. Directed By H. Directed by H. In this screwball classic, Jim and Muriel Blandings ditch their cramped New York City apartment to build a dream home in the Connecticut suburbs. But between construction mishaps, spiraling costs, and finding themselves virtually homeless, their dream starts to look like a nightmare.

A book signing will follow the conversation Planetary People - Club Groove April 25, - New York Planetary People is a collective of musicians that plays a mix of high energy funk, fusion, and jazz music. As a group, P.

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Individually, the musicians have racked up a resume that includes film appearances, recording for TV soundtracks, appearances at the Blue Note and many more. The Kennedy Administration - Club Groove April 25, - New York Some lead vocalists are so captivating, you wonder who's more dazzled when they sing: Watch any live performance by theKennedy Administration, with this quartet's singular namesake at the microphone, and you'll see right away that the rapt audience for Kennedy includes the very skilled, well-traveled players on stage.

Kennedy's joy is contagious. It's a testament to her abilities as a musician, and her irresistible presence, that Ondrej Pivec on keyboards, Dmitry Gorodetsky on bass and Nathaniel Townsley on drums were drawn to her and motivated to also help bring the original compositions of this emerging young singer-songwriter to life. Mind you, these guys do not impress easily. With credits ranging from Stevie Wonder to Lauryn Hill, and a roster of acclaimed "musician's musicians" in between, the Kennedy Administration's instrumental trio has seen, heard and played a lot. Motor City native Kennedy, who made her way to New York, has carved out her own formidable body of work, thanks to a vocal style that is inflected with great influences — think Ella Fitzgerald, Sade, Anita Baker, even a dash of Luther Vandross — but has its own timbre and particular mix of playfulness and seductive poise.

In a few short years since coming east, in one of the world's most competitive entertainment capitals, Kennedy has amassed gigs and collaborations with Christina Aguilera, Kenny Lattimore, Monifah and Cheryl Pepsi-Riley, to name a few. Led by an inspirational singer — who takes her role seriously and carries it with graceful good humor — this particular Kennedy Administration is ushering in a brand new "Great Society" of sweet music.

Each month, five women of note read an original piece on a theme. Generation Women celebrates and amplifies women's voices and creativity. Our diverse line-ups will make you laugh, cry, and think. We're a unique, intimate female literary salon that brings together women of all ages. Hosted by Georgia Clark. We offer a blend of styles in our tap classes, ranging from the classic Broadway Tap moves of 42nd Street and Fred Astaire movies to the freestyle Rhythm Tap made popular by Savion Glover!

Learn the basics and get your body moving in a safe, encouraging atmosphere. Spend six weeks learning basic tap vocabulary, class etiquette and proper warm-up techniques. And further, that instead of wanting to hide that leaning, my impulse has often been to showcase it, to make this thinking-with-others, this weaving of mine and others' words, part of the texture of my writing. What happens when we make visible our attachments, associations, and connections—both critical, aesthetic, and sensory? Together we will collect the language and images that we encounter in our daily lives to make dynamic new writings that disturb the notion that when we write we are writing alone.

We will consult the projects and process es of artists, filmmakers, and writers, including Susan Howe, Douglas Kearney, Sei Sh? James In this class, students create a finished painting from underpainting to finish using water mixable oil colors. Students will create their own composition and design of their choosing. There will be a focus on mixing colors and value, as well as the individual visual language of each student. We will look at artists such as Van Gogh and Manet as inspirations for the process we will be using.

Nicholas Frizalone. November 14, is an American singer and guitarist who was a regular sideman for Frank Zappa, first joining Zappa's band for the fall tour and remaining in the band for several years. Ike did not tour with Zappa in and for personal reasons, but returned to touring with Zappa for his final two tours in which Zappa intended at the time to be his final tour and House of Speakeasy: Sandra is the author of the memoir A Kind of Mirraculas Paradise: A True Story about Schizophrenia about her uncle.

Elif Shafak is an award-winning Turkish novelist, memoirist, and essayist. Critics have named her "one of the most distinctive voices in contemporary Turkish and world literature. Her new novel is Three Daughters of Eve. Christopher J. Inside the Trump White House. Incorporating genres like cumbia, son, bolero, tango, and samba, the band performs on traditional South American instruments from the charango, to the bandoneon, and Latin percussion. It's the perfect backdrop to showcase Catalina Garcia's sugar-sweet, sunshiny vocals at the very center of their signature "swing a la Colombiana" style.

West Village Chorale Presents: Stay tuned for more information and a link to online tickets! Gala Concert: Irish Arts Center IAC , the arts and cultural center dedicated to projecting a dynamic image of Ireland and Irish America for the 21st century, is proud to welcome back fiddle player Martin Hayes, "one of Ireland's great musical exports" WNYC , for a week-long residency, April , to take place in and out of their current home on 51st Street.

Each of these five evenings, many of which are curated by Hayes himself, will feature special guests from within and beyond the world of Irish traditional music, breaking barriers and taking audiences on an unforgettable artistic journey. When Martin was last in residence at IAC in the fall of , alongside his longtime collaborator, guitarist Dennis Cahill, it prompted the Village Voice to write, "It's a big deal when the violinist and guitarist make their semi-annual New York stops.

Jon Pareles of The New York Times has said of the legendary pair, "In their long collaboration, [Martin and Dennis] have found intriguing possibilities within the traditional Irish repertory — glimmers of jazz, Minimalism and chamber music — without diluting the traditional spirit. For each episode, guests talk about one person, one place, and one thing that are important to them. The residency continues with three evening concerts featuring Martin performing alongside special guests, each brilliantly curated by the artist in residence himself.

Martin Hayes: Max Fish: Tuesday April 24th, ed. Featuring both established comic veterans you've seen on TV to the up and comers, UG! We've also got tons of drink specials! So what are you waiting for? Come down and UG! F train to Delancey st. Dan The Man Goodman! Joey Pants Pontillo! Sensei Sandip Sen!

Mad Maddy Smith! Pan Dora The Explorer! Tommy Boy Paciaffi! Cool Cucumber Cailtin Ackerman! Mighty Matt Carter! Todd Montesi!! He's joined by Paul Meyers on piano and Dennis Mackrel on drums for an evening of trio not to be missed. Cantrell and a small combo will perform songs from her repertoire and along with special guests, explore country songs and sounds from different regions of the United States. Click here for advance tickets! I love the intimacy of the space, the prominence of the piano and the focus on songs, delivered in their elemental form.

I'm looking forward to curating a series based on the different regions of the U. With 4 albums of original material under his belt, he's toured internationally alongside the likes of Jamie Cullum, Paul Carrack, and Amy Macdonald. His quirky, native new york, piano-man sound has found its largest audience in Holland, where he headlined Amsterdam's legendary venue, Paradiso. She will release her new album "With A Twist" on May 19th, Wielding a unique blend of modern-day pop sensibility and sizzling musicianship, Skonberg aims for a sense of allure on the new collection.

She credits producer Matt Pierson with helping her create music that is both curious and exotic, playing with tension and storytelling. Duvi Stahler: But even promising steps in the right direction may not be enough to convince him he's bound for happiness. No One Under 21 Allowed Doors open 30 minutes before show time.

Greater Albany including Capital District

Hale narrates this musical tribute, transporting the audience back in time though personal recollections, intriguing anecdotes and glamorous stories of the artist and musical geniuses who created the Great American Songbook and made New York City the Jazz Capitol of the World. Louisa, a washed-up Broadway diva, sings through her 'repertoire' of original and legendary show tunes and ballads, all based off of audience suggestions. More here: Join us in October for Harry Potter: A History of Magic, a British Library exhibition.

Capturing the traditions of folklore and magic at the heart of the Harry Potter stories, Harry Potter: Harry Potter-publisher Scholastic, and other special collections. Visitors can explore the subjects studied at Hogwarts and see original drafts and drawings by J. Harry Potter: September marks the 20th anniversary of the U. In , Scholastic published one of two accompanying titles, Harry Potter: A Journey Through a History of Magic. Designed for a family audience, this book showcases a selection of the amazing artifacts, manuscripts, original artwork, and magical objects included in the exhibition.

In fall , to accompany the exhibition in New York, Scholastic will also publish the official comprehensive companion book, Harry Potter: A History of Magic. A collaboration between the publishers and British Library curators, this lavishly produced, full-color coffee-table book will make the exhibition experience available to everyone. Tickets for Harry Potter: Featuring music of the live persuasion! It's comedy, with a little feeling. He started djing in , at age In '87, 14 year old Cut started recording with his friends including Chali 2na Jurassic 5.

Cut first became known as a founding member of both the rap groups, Jurassic 5 and the Grammy award winning Latin funk outfit, Ozomatli. Keeping his involvement with both groups in tandem with one another, Cut has developed a taste for music and rhythms from around the world while keeping his ethic for the hip hop tradition. His mix-tapes and remixes became critically acclaimed. His 'Chemist' moniker was fully realized with his instrumental, Lesson 6: The Lecture. A musical journey that challenged hip hop production with music theory ideals.

Cut also found time to collaborate with DJ Shadow on what would be one of the world's most sought after mix cd's, Brainfreeze, soon to be followed by its sequel, Product Placement. Please note, you may cancel your class booking up to 24 hours before the event. Value can not be refunded, but credited towards a future class of the same type. Author, raconteur and media expert Jim Jimirro draws from his vast music collection and encyclopedic knowledge to take us through the evolution of a Frank Sinatra classic in this live lecture.

This designated day of film screenings, discussions and creative performances was a call to action for gender equality. The goal of the event was to encourage commitment in creating a more gender-balanced world in all sectors of society, including the global economy, world politics, culture and home life. Through this effort many participants was motivated to start projects, run for office, volunteer and speak up for their rights.

Please join us for a sound bath lead by renowned Sotero followed by a short film, stimulating conversation, good tea and positive vibes. Would your child do better with a turtle or a bunny? Join us to get answers to these questions and more at this event with Dr. Who do we believe ourselves to be — and who are we really? The play explores the relationship between the two women and dissects the disappointments of the past to uncover what is to come. Robin and Poppy walk a daunting precipice above an uncertain future as the timer on the twelfth batch of cookies comes closer to ringing.

As they struggled to remember those who have gone, they fight, laugh, sing, bake, eat, host ghosts, take naps, bleed, write recipes, write and rewrite history, all in the kitchen. Lindi Ortega Hugh Masterson - Mercury Lounge April 26, - New York When Lindi Ortega went in search of some quiet last year, the award-winning artist was pleasantly surprised to find a voice she hadn't heard in some time — her own. Amid sparse, atmospheric production, it's precisely this voice — a combination of Ortega's fatalistic perspective expressed with her evocative soprano — that grips your attention on a brand new EP, Til The Goin' Gets Gone.

From to he taught music in high-school in Paris. He moved to NY in and has been playing professionally since. He's performed over shows in countless venues around the city. Francois Wiss guitar playing mixes flamenco with Latin, folk, rock, jazz, and can be described best as "world music". Improvisation and spontaneity are two key components of every performance, making each one of them unique. Seasoned musicians and passionate players bring a fun time to a crowd in the mood to feel good. Exhibition runs from April th with an opening reception on the 20th.

Thursday, April 26, 6: The installation will open to the public on Friday, April 27, Prints And Works In Editions. The exhibition will present the works as a full set installed on both the floor and the walls, as per Judd, a configuration not previously realized. Extruded out of solid aluminum, these works are the only works by Judd designed and fabricated as single-piece extrusions. The complex form simultaneously open and closed, with each work in the dimensions of 15 x x 15 centimeters.

The colors of the works, ranging from black to turquoise to clear, were executed through the anodizing of the aluminum, an industrial process by which the color becomes part of the material. Lead support for 15 x x 15 is provided by Tomas Maier. Before he transitioned to work in three dimensions, Judd began as a painter and an art critic, having studied philosophy and art history at Columbia University and painting at the Art Students League. He developed his idea of the permanent installation of his work and collections first in New York, at Spring Street, and later in Marfa, Texas.

Throughout his lifetime Judd advocated for the importance of art and artistic expression, he regarded land preservation, empirical knowledge, and engaged citizenship as fundamental aspects of society and he wrote extensively on these and other subjects. He established the ideas of Judd Foundation in , founded to preserve his art, spaces, libraries, and archives as a standard for the defense of his work. For almost four decades, Judd exhibited regularly throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia with his work in museum collections worldwide.

Judd Foundation is a tax-exempt c 3 not-for-profit organization created to preserve the permanently installed living and working spaces of Donald Judd in New York and Marfa, Texas. The Afterparty: Night Songs for bass-baritone and piano settings of poems by W. Auden, Michael Collier, F. Once a music obsessed teenager, Jack Steadman initially saw himself more as a jazz bassist than the frontman of a world famous, guitar-centred indie band, but — as everyone now knows — his 10 years with Bombay Bicycle Club encompassing chart-topping albums, several planetwide tours and some notable awards somewhat got in the way.

The result, God First is an album that surprises and delights in equal measure: Says Jack of making the album: It's been very exciting. Four curators will select works of art from their respective departments that reflect this theme. The Fellowship for Utopian Practice is a process-based program that supports artists at the seed phase of project development, allowing artists and creative practitioners to create cross-sector modes of activating and collaborating with their communities and the general public.

Learn about the unique perspectives that the Culture Push Fellows and their collaborators bring to each urgent topic. Learn about the genesis of these projects and how they are evolving through community attuned practices. For a full schedule visit http: The New York trio's full-length debut album, Human Ceremony [Fat Possum Records], emerges at the intersection of dreamy modern psychedelica and urgent fuzzed-out bliss. It's those two spectrums. They would hole up in Jacob's Long Island basement for hours on end, channeling this vast cadre of influences.

Julia's addition would only expand that creative palette further in Tan gives the New York premiere of Metamorphoses, a major new work written for her by the seminal 20th century composer George Crumb, for amplified piano, toy piano, percussion and voice. Metamorphoses is performed with Monica Duncan's video projections, in which atmospheric visual textures complement the music. Tan will also premiere two new EMF-commissioned pieces by young composers responding to Cage and Crumb's influence: Ecstatic Music Festival home page R.

Warrior 2. Redefine your belief in yourself, learn to be present in the moment, quiet your mind and become aware of your inner strength. On the walk, get expert advice on binoculars usage and learn how to spot and identify birds. Join urban naturalist and environmental educator Gabriel Willow to explore the surprising diversity of wildlife and ecology in New York City. Sessions include a minute lecture followed by a minute bird-watching walk in nearby Central Park. Bring binoculars if you have them! We also visit a few galleries within a few blocks of the museum.

As we stroll to our destinations, we pass iconic buildings, beautiful brownstones and animated street art. Remember to bring your walking shoes. Alonso will speak about her time photographing on the streets of Cuba for her latest book, A Taste of Cuba, stopping in its best restaurants and paladares — private, family owned establishments — along the way. Learn more about the recipes that chefs Alonso met on her journey provided: Carla Shalaby Lecture: Carla Shalaby, author of Troublemakers: The lecture, entitled "Refusal, Imagination, and Teaching and Learning How to Human Be" emphasis intended focuses on understanding children, freedom, equity, and the conditions of schooling.

Her talk is sponsored by the Department of Education. Shalby's work is shaped by a deep commitment to education as the practice of freedom, and the stories of four children who are considered "troublemakers" in their school settings trouble the notion that their challenges at school rest with the children or their families; instead Shalaby makes visible how systems of power marginalize children and limit their access to dignity and freedom. Her work will be of interest to anyone who has ever loved a child or has ever been considered a "troublemaker" in school.

Please join us for this inspiring talk. Top it off with acoustic ballads where smiley melodies camouflage bitter lyricism about broken love, often rendered in off-beat tunings, and you sorta begin to complete the recipe. March 8: Daniel Valentin March Naiwen Zhang March Lauren Taubenfeld March Nicole Bull April Timothy Briner April Faustino Vidal April Kaz Senju May 3: Ray Mantilla has been a professional percussionist for over 60 years.

He has toured the world, notably Cuba with Dizzy Gillespie and Italy every year for the past 35 years, and has played with jazz greats like Max Roach, Art Blakey, Eartha Kitt, Charles Mingus, and Freddie Hubbard, as well as most of the great latin music orchestras including Tito Puente's. These performances feature his exciting small ensemble. Join us for 12 weeks of live jazz and blues concerts! Every Thursday night, 6: Hansborough RSVP to jazzserieshb. Intramural Volleyball - University at Buffalo April 26, - New York Intramural Sports offers a wide variety of activities for our students, faculty, staff, alumni and the community.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra: Makeness - Brooklyn Steel Through April 26, - Brooklyn The threads of our past never unravel, they hover like invisible webs, occasionally glistening due to a sly angle of the sun. Where Nielson addressed the pain of being alone on II, Multi-Love takes on the complications of being together. Multi-Love adds dimensions to the band's already kaleidoscopic approach, with Nielson exploring a newfound appreciation for synthesizers.

The new songs channel with the spirit of psych innovators without ignoring the last 40 years of music, forming a flowing, cohesive whole that reflects restless creativity. Cosmic escapes and disco rhythms speak to developing new vocabulary, while Nielson's vocals reach powerful new heights. Building old synthesizers and bringing them back to life, creating sounds that aren't quite like anyone else's.

I think that's much more subversive. Symphony No. Frozen Cathedral Karel Husa: Cheetah This concert will be webcast live and available on-demand a few days after the concert at www. Version 1 of the new ithaca. Can't wait to see it? Join us for one of our upcoming Campus Community Sneak Peek sessions.

We'll show off the highlights of the new site while also sharing the research and thought process behind the revamp. We ask that requests for accommodations be made as soon as possible. Trackstar the DJ - Brooklyn Bowl April 26, - Brooklyn Best known for his prolific mixtape work and as the tour DJ for Run the Jewels, Trackstar the DJ has been fortunate to travel the world playing music he loves, working and performing with many of the greatest artists in hip hop since his start behind the turntables on college radio in St Louis in From his first mixtape release in , Trackstar built a reputation for creativity and consistency by releasing nearly two hundred mixtapes including collaborations with Royce da 5'9, Big Boi, Killer Mike, El-P, Lupe Fiasco, Pete Rock and Camp Lo, among others.

Proceeds go to sustaining the stand and the club. We have a variety of flavors, such as but not limited to original, taro, honeydew, and Thai. Cash only. Guest Professional Dinner: The Guest Professional Dinner Series is an opportunity to introduce students to marketplace professionals from a variety of fields and areas of expertise. Dinners are open to all students, alumni, and community members. Notes from the Newfangled Epic, this discussion will explore the theme of narrative seriality in self-taught art, with particular focus on works in which text and language intersect in innovative ways.

Rizzoli, and Adolf Wo? Also considering these works in relationship to narrative theory, more generally, parallels will be made between these works and comic books and the graphic novel. T Mitchell. It will conclude with a panel discussion moderated by curator Choghakate Kazarian. Jeremy Loops: Notes from the Newfangled Epic, led by museum gallery guides. Meet in the museum atrium. Free with admission. For ages and adult companions. For a detailed listing of all family events, visit nytransitmuseum. Wondering where to meet the next generation of incredible women and trans theatermakers?

Don't miss WP's Pipeline Festival, a unique opportunity to see 5 new plays, created by 5 collaborative teams created from WP Theater's celebrated two-year Lab residency. Don't miss your chance to say you saw it here first. The three performers will explore the human condition and effects of greed and overconsumption while interacting with objects, video, sound, each other, and the audience, highlighting themes of urban alienation, isolation, and longing. Through cutting and juxtaposing found objects, she exposes the grotesque in the societal constructs of femininity and masculinity and scrutinizes the idea of the binary in the everyday.

A butterfly reminds us of the necessary self-transformation and clarity that life bestows upon us. The collective name for a group of butterflies is called a kaleidoscope. Much like the metamorphosis of a butterfly, cancer transforms us, and our kaleidoscope is built on hope, endurance, awareness, and renewal. Tonight, we celebrate our families' butterfly stories, our new treatment protocols, and better standards of care made possible through our research, education, and training.

This live show will feature stand-up comedy from hysterical comedians, and at the end of each show the Toms will do a mini version of their hit podcast! A featured comedian will talk about one guilty pleasure song they love, play games, and close out with a performance of the song with Tommy McNamara on the keys. Orthopaedic Surgery: Not yet? Join millinery expert Sharene Jones as she guides you through the creation of a one-of-a-kind fascinator to grace your ensemble for Derby Day or any day.

No skills necessary for this fun evening with friends, wine, and a wonderful array of millinery trimmings. Violinist Ani Kavafian continues to enjoy a busy career as a chamber musician, soloist, and teacher. Quodlibet Ensemble is a group of unique, accomplished, and dedicated musicians who seek to learn from each other and explore the possibilities of an abundant musical spectrum.

Currently they pursue careers as performing artists in both solo and prominent chamber ensembles ranging from early music group the Sebastians, to contemporary ensemble New Morse Code, to Brooklyn Rider, Attacca Quartet, Aizuri Quartet, and more. The group was founded to be a place where a wide variety of musical ideas can come into realization, bringing together performers from different backgrounds mainly early music and modern.

Antonio Vivaldi: Concerto Grosso in A Major, Op. Concerto Grosso in E Minor, Op. Violin Concerto in C Major, No. Verklarte Nacht Orthopaedic Surgery: Sign ups at , music starts at ! From health care and finance to human services and manufacturing — by providing an understanding of the processes and techniques for root cause analysis and effective corrective action. The course presents the methodology and tools for determining the root cause of nonconformances, which allows for implementation of corrective action to prevent the problem from occurring again.

Concepts will be reinforced through group workshop exercises. For more information and registration please go here: Accessible accommodations should purchase a General Admission ticket and will be taken care of at the venue day of event.

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