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If there is "someone at fault" here, it's Gamestop.

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They obviously have had some terrible business practices that they have to shut down between to store nationwide within this year https: The only thing I'm mad about is that I didn't take advantage of the offer People talk about getting ripped off from game stop.

I guess you could if you don't so research, and wait for their deals. Sure, if you buy a new game and trade it immediately, you will get ripped off. But when you take advantage of their offers, you can get some really good deals. I got on a trade in for an old ps3, and I traded a few old games and got a ps4 for bucks back in Bottom line is do research. Exactly it's all about keeping an eye out for trade in specials and other things.


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Like they were just offering 40 percent extra credit towards preorders of select e3 titles and that on top of the ten percent I get for being a pro member so I took injustice 2 and wipeout collection over and they gave me 41 dollars for injustice 2 and 35 dollars for wipeout which I then put on ac origins and destiny 2. Now let's look at the math i bought injustice 2 for 60 and got 41 back on it so that doesn't seem like a rip off to me and I payed 40 for wipeout and got 35 back almost the full amount that def isn't a rip off.

People like to say GameStop rips them off but that's because they take like 3 year old games to them and expect to get top dollar even though GameStop got tons of the same game traded to them in the last three years and the value of course went down. I honestly get anywhere between 20 and 30 dollars without promotions when I trade games in which I then use to buy more games so I don't mind doing business with GameStop.

GameStop knew what they were getting into. So what, A handful of people got way more value out of the deal than average. They also got people to sign up for their membership program. They aren't sweating OMG they are making you go by force to trade in your games for less than average prices! Get real. Stop blaming GS for ripping you off.

You screwed yourself with your bad decision making and purchasing habits. Shop smarter and if you feel the need to trade or sell, there have been alternatives for years. This is an interesting juxtaposition here. While I agree that Gamestop isn't the greatest of companies, for years they provided many of us with one of the only outlets through which to buy games EB Games for us here in Canada and I made some greeat friends with the staff there. While I'm all for taking advantage of deals, I find myself drawing a line at exploiting people. You don't know how the hammer falls after that; employees may get the ax.

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I love that these stories give Reddit credit for discovering the "glitch" when all their users did was flog it so unmercifully that everyone took notice. At least do the research and give credit where it's due. Back in or Electronics Boutique made a similar mistake. We ran a promotion where you got double trade in credit when trading 5 or more games.

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Sports games excluded. My roommate went around to practically every store in Connecticut buying up every copy he could find and immediately trading it in. Gamestop just happen to run two deals that increased worthy value for the benefit of the consumer. I've seen and taken part in deals like this before. Pay attention. It's called being a smart shopper. I understand why he was holding three fingers, but it was funny.

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  • It also has a popular trade-in program and buys and sells preowned products. GameStop also carries the Nvidia Shield, the hottest new mobile gaming device. Video Games: Find the games you crave, even preowned, and save at GameStop. Shop new or shop pre-owned, but save on the smartphone, cell phone, or media player you need from popular brands such as Samsung and AppleiPods and iPhones. Shop new, refurbished, or preowned and save. GameStop sells preowned products and bundles at low everyday prices.

    These products are classified as new or unopened, used, or many are refurbished and sold online and in stores. Customers score great deals and GameStop promotes responsible recycling. Trade Values: GameStop also has a trade-in program that enables shoppers to find market values of their products online, and bring them in stores to get paid.

    Upgrade and save big at GameStop! Be first to hear of new releases, sales, and new discount codes by downloading the GameStop iTunes App. Basic Membership: Free of charge. Simply sign up and score exclusive offers while you earn points, redeemable like cash online or in stores. Pro Membership: Pro Members also get exclusive coupons, codes, and deals. A GameStopGift Card makes the perfect gift for gamers on your list.

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